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Job Summary:

The Companion is a paraprofessional, providing services in the home for clients under the direct supervision of a qualified supervisor.

Companion services include support, encouragement, companionship, respite breaks for family or caregivers, and provision of and instruction in reporting of changes in the client's situation. The Companion is assigned to a client by the coordinator and follows a written plan of service.

Organizational Relationship: The Companion reports directly to a qualified supervisor
Risk Of Occupational Exposure To Blood Borne Pathogens: C: no exposure


  • High School graduate
  • At least one (1) year of working as a companion or life experience working.
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills.
  • Use of an automobile with possession of liability insurance is desirable.
  • Must be able to read, write in English and follow instructions.
  • Selected on the basis of such factors as: an interest in people, tact, a history of emotional stability, dependability in employment, neatness in appearance and practices, good personal hygiene, and good judgment.
  • Must have a criminal background check and current CPR certification.


The duties consist of a combination of activities, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide respite breaks for family or caregivers.
  • Provide assistance with reading and writing correspondence and publications.
  • Observation and feedback to the coordinator/ supervisor on client's behavior, mood, and adjustment in the home.
  • Notifies superior of any safety issues.
  • Being supportive and encouragement during periods of loneliness, depressions, bereavement etc.

The Companion performs duties according to a written assignment:

  • Follows the plan of service for tasks.
  • Records observations and tasks and signs each entry on the appropriate form for each visit made.
  • Communicates on a weekly basis or more often as necessary with the supervisor.
  • Immediately reports emergency situations by phone to supervisor or office.
  • Keeps an accurate time and mileage report.
  • Follows assignments and regulations.
  • Follows specific office orders for each client.
  • Uses policy manual as guidelines.
  • Works within the organizational channel of authority and knows the area of responsibility of all other team members.
  • Wears appropriate clothing and ID badge when at work.

Confirming on a weekly basis, the scheduling of visits with the Supervisor, to coordinate necessary visits with other personnel.

Notifying the Agency of absences due to illness, emergency leave, normal vacation periods, or special professional meetings, which will affect agreed service with the Agency.

Other duties as assigned.

Functional Abilities:

Must be able to read 12 point or larger type.
Must be able to hear and speak in English.
Must be able to stoop and bend.
Must be able to travel to prospective clients' residences.
Must be able to carry bundles weighing up to 10 pounds, upstairs.

Job Summary:

An individual who, under professional supervision, provides assistance with nutritional and environmental support, personal hygiene, feeding and dressing.

Organizational Relationship: Reports to the qualified Supervisor
Risk of Occupational Exposure To Blood Borne Pathogens: B: limited exposure


A High school diploma or equivalent.
Completion of a training for personal care services.
Will have a minimum of one (1) year experience as a professional.
Must have a criminal background check and current CPR certification.
Speaks, reads, and writes and able to communicate effectively in English.


  • Perform tasks assigned by the Supervisor.
  • Report in writing, on agency forms, to the Supervisor on each client assignment.
  • Promptly report any significant changes observed or reported in the client's condition to the Supervisor.
  • Confer as required with the Supervisor regarding client's progress.
  • Provide Personal Care services which may include
    • assistance with bathing
    • getting in and out of bed
    • teeth, mouth, denture and hair care
    • assistance with mobility and ambulation including use of walker, cane or crutches
    • changing of bed and laundering the bed linens and personal clothing
    • skin care excluding wound care
    • care of glasses and hearing aids
    • assistance with dressing and undressing
    • toileting, including use and care of bedpan, urinal, commode, toilet
    • light cleaning in essential areas of the home during personal care activities
    • meal prep, food purchasing, meal serving
    • simple transfers, including bed to chair or wheelchair and reverse
    • accompanying the client to obtain medical diagnosis and treatment
    • other as outlined on service plan.
  • Follow Standard precautions/proper infection control when providing client service.
  • Maintain client confidentiality per HIPAA and Agency policy guidelines.
  • Perform ONLY tasks specified for each individual client on the service plan.
  • Follow emergency procedures in the event of any medical or non-medical situations.
  • Follow client rights at all times.
  • Record each activity performed on each case on a daily basis.
  • Report any incidents or client changes immediately to the Supervisor.
  • Submit Daily Activity Sheets and record accurately on a timely basis (weekly).
  • Follow instructions, is punctual and is at work as scheduled.
  • Follow all agency policy and procedures.
  • Attend in-service education annually per agency policy.
  • Maintain effective communication with client, family, supervisor and other team members.
  • Follows instructions, is punctual and attendance is acceptable.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Functional Abilities:

Is able to lift, turn and transfer clients weighting up to 150+ pounds.
Is able to carry bundles upstairs weighing up to 10 pounds.
Must be able to stoop and bend.
Must be able to travel to prospective client's place of residence.
Must be able to hear and effectively communicate in English.

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